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Natural Treatment for Diverticulitis

Natural Treatment for Diverticulitis published on

Diverticulitis treatment can be done through a natural healthy diet. When you are diagnosed with diverticulitis problem, the first thing that your doctor will advised you to do as a diverticulitis treatment is to let your digestive system to rest for a few days. Diverticulitis treatment will involve some times for the colon to rest from any liquid and foods. After the condition gets better, patient should increase the liquid and fiber intake gradually.

As said earlier, diverticulitis treatment can be done with little or even no medication. What you need is only a diverticulitis diet avoiding corn, junk foods, processed foods, nuts, dried foods, pumpkin and foods that are hard for your digestive system.

Most of the time, at the first stage of natural diverticulitis treatment, a patient can consume plain gelatin, broth and plain water. Those are used to have a clear liquid diet in your diverticulitis treatment. When the diverticulitis symptoms has shown some improvement, the patient shall increase liquid and fiber intake. Patient should obey a steps and recipes of fiber and liquid intake from doctor during the diet.

Here are a few examples of foods when having a diet as a diverticulitis treatment:

Fruits and fruit juice apart from prunes.

Vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower should be avoided. Squash, carrots, peeled potatoes and green beans are good vegetables when having diet for diverticulitis treatment.

Egg and fish are also good for diet in diverticulitis treatment. You can also have some meat or chicken but you have to make sure that it’s cooked until soft.

Remember that when having a diet for diverticulitis treatment, don’t put any strain on your digestive system. Try to consume foods that should be consumed and do some regular exercise to help make your body healthier.

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